We have been Miniature Dachshund breeders for many years 
we are mostly LH Breeders but we also have Brindle and Dapple smooth coats
All of our pups and parents are AKC registered and are genetically tested
we do NOT breed nor do we personally approve of dapple to dapple
Blues are the Dilutes of Black & Tan and Isabella's are the Dilute of Chocolate & Tan

Dilute to dilute Or Dapple to Dapple Breeding are Highly disapproved of for the dogs health & well being
Keep in mind that Dapple to Piebalds look very similar
We Are A Hobby Breeder/Handler  

It all started years ago with our girl Teagan who alerted to my breast cancer
So Now
We breed miniature dachshunds because we love the breed for their qualities of intelligence, loyalty, cleanliness and their fun-loving nature. 
Dachshunds are highly loving and affectionate, and their small size makes them ideal for those with limited living space. 
As a companion, it is hard to find one as fun and fulfilling as a dachshund. 
They have lively and playful personalities and are extremely devoted. Mini-Dachshunds are currently the second most popular small breed dog according to AKC registrations, and they are ranked 7th in popularity of all breeds. They are small in size yet 
big of heart. Dachshunds are not nervous or yappy like some small dogs are, but are very friendly and loving. When well-bred and well cared for, 
they are a very healthy breed. They are excellent pets, very entertaining and spunky, and easily become part of a loving family.

Our dogs are very well loved members of our family and receive the very best in nutrition and care. 
The mothers are in top condition so that they are 
physically and emotionally prepared to produce the best litters possible. 
We feed top graded kibble, as well as raw meat and vegetables for optimum health.
(never incorporate kibble with raw and give at least 3 hrs after feeding kibble) 
Our pups are raised in our home with lots of love the sunshine and fresh air
Our dogs are DNA tested and guaranteed to be healthy and well-socialized. 
Most of our pups have AKC championship lines but our focus is breeding wonderful pups with loving dispositions.

"Quality not Quantity"
                                                                          Diets We Recommend 

                                      A Well Rounded Raw Diet
            Taste Of The Wild