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                     Email us below or our message the FB page and then we will reply with an email or phone call
               (whichever you would prefer- please specify in the message)
Our FB page is linked below
  "Many of your questions may be answered on the puppy page or in the About Us & Our Program Tabs
( deposit button can be found on the bottom of the puppy page)
After a deposit
 has been made on the puppy you have chosen to be the parent of
 At 9 weeks We meet you  with your new puppy and must be within an hour distance
Or here is our regular parent meet up
~9155 Highway 321 N, Lenoir City, TN 37771~
if that is not a good meet up spot and your preference is more than an hour but less than two away
there will be a fee of $50 
if it is 3hrs that is $150
to fully deliver to you it is $300