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                               Email us below and then we will reply with an email or phone call
                 (whichever you would prefer- please specify in the message)
  within 24 hours
 "Many of your questions may be answered on the puppy page or in the About Us & Our Program Tabs
After a deposit has been made on the puppy you have chosen to be the parent of
 We meet you  with your new puppy and must be within an hour distance
              If more than an 1 but less than 2 hr  drive is needed at the time of your chosen pup leaving our care 
There will be an additional charge of $25 
(and must be on a sunday)
~We Do Ship Via Delta~
                         The Cargo Ticket is $335 ,the health certificate for travel is $30 and the crate varies depending size
That is added into the puppy price
we are located near Harriman Tn